TAKAKI PARTS – Description of Business

1,Disassembly of Used Cars

Flow of Car Recycling


Point 1: All Work Done In-house

At Takaki Parts we conduct all work on our in-house line from reception of car bodies to crushing. This enables smoother and more in-depth processing.

Point 2: Proper Processing in Accordance with Laws

We record each step of the processing as digital data and work to conduct proper recycling in accordance with laws and ordinance.

Point 3: Reliable Recycling

In order to remove each small individual part in a clean state, we conduct a careful disassembly process by hand. Our company possesses bountiful know-how which we have cultivated in through handling used parts. We make use of these skills to reliably reuse all parts with no waste, paying careful attention at the disassembly stage.

2, Sale of Recycled Parts

Reason for Our High Quality


After our specialized engineers conducted a thorough check of the external, functional, and electrical parts removed from the used car, we sell them as used parts. The parts handled by our company are all reliably checked completely in-house from removal to make them suitable for sale as products, which means our lineup of parts has high quality and superior safety.

Abundant Stock and Fast Response


Our stock is among the best in the nation, and we keep a carefully classified inventory of each part in addition to our search system which allows us to instantly check for any parts a customer might need. We, Takaki Parts, promptly respond to the diverse needs of all our users, including not only local customers but customers from around the country through our internet sales.

3, Sale of New and Used Cars

Total Car Service

At Takaki Parts we sell both new and used cars. Our highly experienced veteran staff can take any kinds of requests from our customers including new, used, domestic and foreign cars and provide the most suitable suggestions for their needs.

Aiming for the Spread of Recycled Parts

At Takaki Parts we take proactive measures toward recycled products in addition to our new cars. Our company considers it one of our greatest missions to spread around the world information about the high utility value of recycled parts which is generally not well known and contribute to the creation of an environmentally-conscious society from the car industry using our abundant knowledge regarding cars.